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“How big is God?”

We all have read about Job’s trial… and what a great trial that was… in just a short time, he lost everything. He went from being “the richest man in the east,” with good health and a beautiful family, to “zero.” In just a short time, he lost wealth, his house, his livestock, his children, and his health. He was down to “zero.” Bible scholars say that his trial could have lasted from weeks to many months. We finally see Job covered with boils, taking a broken piece of pottery to scrape his boils. He complained that God had even let him live when all of a sudden God spoke to him…”

God said, “Gird up your loins like a man and answer me. Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?” (Job 38:3-4) God went on to discuss with Job how He had hung the Earth on nothing… God had created the stars and named them. He created the seasons… He talked of His creation of the animals, and how He controls everything!!! When the Lord got through speaking to Job, Job said, “I will lay my hand upon my mouth.” (Job 40:4) Job was saying, “I’m serving a BIG GOD, WHO CREATED EVERYTHING!! I’m ashamed of myself for complaining! God has created everything, and He knows everything!” Your problem is not a “big problem” at all!!! You are serving a God who hung the Earth and the planets on “nothing!!” He keeps everything going! Nothing is hidden from Him, not even your “little bitty problem,” because you are serving A GREAT BIG GOD! Have a wonderful day! Sherry

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