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Word from the Mission Field

“Nothing ever happens by accident…”

Have you ever wondered about “why” certain circumstances happen in your life? When I was 16, I had just made a recommitment to come back to the Lord… We had heard about a “tent revival” in Orlando, Florida, which was over 50 miles from our house. A lady was preaching by the name of Bea Medlin. So my mother and I decided to go there and hear her.

That night, a young, skinny evangelist (who had been fasting and praying much), attended. His name was Bobby Burnette. We met after the meeting and I invited him to the “Valentine’s Banquet” our church was having. You may know the “rest of the story…” We got engaged on that night of the Valentine’s Banquet and now, we are in Haiti, working for the Lord… did I “just happen,” to go to the tent revival that night? I don’t think so…

In Genesis 37, we read the well-known story about Joseph, how his brothers hated him and wanted to kill him… but instead, they threw him into an abandoned water cistern and “they just happened to look up and see a caravan of Ishmaelites headed to Egypt.” They sold Joseph as a slave and a few years later, he was up “next in line to Pharoah!”

The end result… he was the one the Lord used to save the Israelites from famine, starvation, and extinction.

Look at Ruth, the Moabite, her husband dies and she chooses to stay with her “mother-in-law”, Naomi, instead of seeking another husband in her own country. They both just happen to go to Bethlehem in “time of the harvest…” and she just happens to end in the field of “rich, much-older, Boaz,” and marries him! Her child Obed was the grandfather of David.

“For I know the thoughts, (or plans), that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Jeremiah 29:11

“Nothing just happens by accident…” you don’t just “meet people” by accident… even if it seems it is something bad, God has put it in your path for good!!

Have a great day! Sherry

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