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Word from the Mission Field

“When your brook dries up…”

“And it came to pass after a while, that the brook dried up…” 1 Kings 17:7

The Bible teaches us that “to everything, there is a season.” There is a time for everything… that good job, the “perfect house” in the “perfect neighborhood,” a ministry door, etc. But we tend to resist change, even when God says, “Times up, move on.” We think we can stay where we are and God will just “move things for us,” but it doesn’t always happen that way. Bobby and I were happy for years, preaching in gospel tents, but God was getting ready to send us to Haiti. We just couldn’t give up that love for the tent ministry, so “along came a strong storm and ripped it to pieces.” We thought it was a “bad thing,” but in reality, it was a “good thing.”

Today, things may be changing in your life so be prepared for God to move on you, “when the brook dries up!” Have a great day! Sherry

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