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Word from the Mission Field

“Now therefore, give me this mountain!” Joshua 14:12

Caleb was 40 years old when Moses, God’s servant, sent him and Joshua to “spy out the land.” (Numbers 13) This was the first time he had ever seen a “giant,” and he saw plenty of them!!! From the distance, spying out the land, he could see the walled city, the giants, and all of the obstacles… But he had his mind on the “mountain” that he would claim one day! You know the story… Only he and Joshua came back with a good report, and it almost cost them their lives!!

Skip forward 45 years and Caleb is 85 years old! He could have retired at 65, but he had a mandate from God!

Now, after many battles, the land is being claimed by the Israelites… Caleb goes to speak to his friend Joshua, who is also “up in years.” Caleb explains that he is still “ready to fight for God,” and says, “Now therefore, give me this mountain!” This was the mountain he had seen and claimed years ago when everyone else saw “nothing but giants!” Caleb saw his mountain!!

Today, maybe many years have come and gone since you asked God for “your mountain!” Bobby and I had been praying for one special thing for many years, concerning one of our children. It seemed at times, like we could never get that prayer answered… But, it happened!!! God gave us that mountain!!!

Don’t be discouraged at the “giants” or impossibilities. Those are just things God uses to let you see how big He is! (smile) Claim your mountain and don’t let the devil put one foot on it! It’s yours!

Have a great day! Sherry

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