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Word from the Mission Field: 4-13-19 6:00 AM

“Sleeping with the Lions…”

I’ve always loved “big animals…” lions, tigers, elephants…

I could never understand how lion tamers could enter a cage and crack a whip and the lion would growl and snarl at them and “usually obey them.” Then, I heard about the famous “Siegfried and Roy” show at the Mirage Hotel in 2003. They were the famous lion and tiger tamers and everyone knew about them! Roy Horn was the “Tiger Tamer” of “Manticore,” a 17-year-old tiger.

Roy had been with the tiger since it was a baby… but all of a sudden, that tiger turned on him during a performance. He attacked him so bad, that Roy nearly bled to death in the ring. Roy had a stroke and suffered so many injuries… it left him paralyzed. He never went back into the ring again.

God also had a “lion tamer,” named “Daniel.” He was thrown into a “den of hungry lions,” simply for “not bowing to false gods.” The King had a large stone put on the mouth of the lion’s den and “sealed it with his ring.” No one could open it…

But, in the morning, Daniel was alive and well… You see, “he had been sleeping with the lions.” “Lions are all around us… snarling, threatening us.” They can take the shape of humans, but just as God “let Daniel sleep with the lions” He can do the same for you. You may be surrounded by your enemies, but, “God can prepare a table in the presence of your enemies…” Psalms 23:5

Have a great day and don’t worry about “sleeping with the lions.” God has shut their mouths! Sherry

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