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“Why I Believe in Angels…”

“For He shall give His Angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.” Psalm 91:11

Since here in Haiti, Bobby and I have always prayed over our children and grandchildren every morning. The “price” of being separated from one’s family is a great price to pay and oftentimes, a heavy burden. Our daughter, Julie, has had a lot of health problems in her life, but has been doing fine. She lives in Texas, is married, and has a wonderful job. She just called us about 15 minutes ago…While driving down the freeway at about 80 mph, a deer ran right in front of her and smashed her windshield. Blood covered the windshield and she could not see to pull over but she did manage, “somehow.”

Her car was demolished but she is fine! She is not only fine but a “miracle!” Yes! We believe in Angels! We believe one of them protected her inside the car and then “just pushed her car right off the freeway” into a safe spot. I was just telling Pastor Mark about the miracle and he said, “My cousin died of the same type of accident…a deer ran in front of his car!”

God can not only send Angels to protect us, but to protect our children too! Every day, I believe in the Lord, and in His Angels, more than I did the day before!!! They surround our children, our family, our loved ones, our partners, and yes, our children! “Lord, we thank you for your Angels that surround us and our families!!” Sherry

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