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Word from the Mission Field

“Je-ho-vah- Ji-reh…” My Provider.

I am re-reading, again and again, the story of Abraham and Isaac, the son of “promise” and “the child born of a man 100 years old!” The child was the “miracle baby” of Abraham and Sarah. But yet, God wanted to “test” Abraham by seeing if “Abraham would obey God,” and sacrifice the thing he loved the most in the world… his “only son.” After the long trip up the mountain with his little son, “carrying the wood for the altar on which he would be killed,” Abraham never doubted God. He knew that if God had, he could raise Isaac from the dead! But, God didn’t have to. Just as the knife was about to come down on his son, Isaac, The Angel of the Lord stopped Abraham, Abraham looked through the thicket and saw a “ram in a bush.” God was saying, “I am Jehovah Jireh,” your provider!

Years ago in Haiti, when we were driving through the mountains with our team, our truck broke down in the “middle of nowhere.” We were thinking, “Wow! We are stuck out here in the middle of nowhere. Someone could come along and stick a gun to our heads and rob us, or kill us.” Just about that time, a brand-new Mitsubishi drove up… good news. Out jumped two men with jackets and gold chains around their necks and guns! Bad news.

They walked over to us and said, “Looks like you need help.” We looked at each other with disbelief. One guy went and got the biggest chain we have ever seen and hooked our truck to his “new expensive truck,” and pulled us out of the mountains to safety! We later found out that they were not robbers, but just guys with guns, looking to shoot some birds! At that time, God became our “provider!”

Today, if you are sick, if you are in trouble, if you are facing a conflict, God is still “Jehovah Jireh!” He never changes! He is the same God that provided a lamb for a sacrifice instead of Abraham’s son!!! He will do the same for you! Have a great day!!


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