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“If He Did it Once, He Can Do it Again!”

The story of the poor widow woman, the little boy, and the prophet Elijah is a fascinating story. You must read it over and over again to get every meaning of it…

1 Kings Chapter 17… God told His servant Elijah that a famine was coming towards Gilead, and it would last three years. God showed the prophet Elijah where to go and commanded a raven to bring him food to eat. From there, the brook dried up. (Some people get nervous when “the brook dries up,” but it only means that God is changing things around for our good!)

Elijah is told to go to the house of a certain widow woman, and He already commanded the widow woman to sustain him (take care of him). This was the poor woman who had no food but was getting ready to bake her last cake so that she and her son could die of starvation, together. Then, of course, he asks her to “bake him a cake first,” which she does. And then, he commanded her to gather all the empty vessels she could borrow, and not a few, but to get every last vessel she could borrow. She did, a barrel of meal, and the oil stayed until rain came again! That was a great miracle.

And we could end the story here, but fast forward a little and her son is sick, not just “sick” with a cold, but sick unto death. The Bible says, “There was no breath left in him.” She goes to Elijah, who cries unto the Lord. Elijah takes the child and lays him on his own bed! Then, he stretched himself out on the child and prayed, and prayed three times!! And the child came back to life!!! God gave the widow woman a great miracle, but God gave her another miracle right after this, which was greater!!! “If God did it once, He’ll do it again!” It is impossible for God to “run out of miracles!” So, don’t give up! Keep on praying!!! He will do it again!!!


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