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Wow! Praise the Lord!

This just came in from Wilner, the head of the Agricultural Trainer Center (ATC).

Wilner, his men, and students have a green thumb! Look at all the vegetables! The children love the vegetables. Sherry and I had sweet, delicious watermelon this morning during breakfast.

Wilner is so funny. He calls me “Big Boss” in his emails, yet we meet each morning at 6:30 AM.

Thank you, David Balsbaugh, President of Hope Seeds International, Inc., for all the seed. Great seed!

And thank you, Joe Perkins and your partners, with Sustainable Food Development for all the shade houses. Wonderful blessing! Thank you, Rad Hazlip, for the vision!

Thank you to everyone who helps support us financially and prays for our Sustainability projects.

Love is something you do!
Bobby Burnette

Please see Wilner’s message below:

Hello Big Boss!

This is a big vegetable harvest today.
Fruit Papaya
for different kitchens
Kay Timoun( Children’s House.
Look at the pictures

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