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Your Face is Your Passport!

That’s a Haitian Creole proverb… Well, look who’s got that grinning smile, none other than little Zachary!! I never even knew he could smile. He has been cranky and irritable since we’ve had him at about a month old. His mother did not know how old he was.

His story is “unbelievable.” His mother came to our Jesus Healing Center Clinic when he was just “a tiny little thing.” His mother was deeply involved in Voodoo. Five of her children had died, and one little girl was “missing!” She had told one of our nurses that she had planned to kill him with a “butcher knife.” So, when we took her home, we called the Department of Social Services and they told us to “take him.”

At first, he was the fussiest baby! He cried all the time and never shed a tear. It was “fake baby crying!” As soon as someone would pick him up, he “stopped!” (Hmmmm… I wonder what that’s called!!!!) He is in kindergarten and actually smiling and laughing (sometimes). Always remember, “Your Face is Your Passport!”


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