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Zachary… He is Quite a Worker!!!

This little guy helps sweep the floor and even mops!!! He was really “spoiled” when he came to us because he was the “baby of the family!” He is now in preschool and very intelligent! Zachary’s mother had come to our clinic right after he was born. She was sick with a fever and her baby was sick also. The strange thing was that she showed “no affection” to the child! She told the doctor that at one time “she had other children,” but some of them died and some were “missing!” The doctor feared sending the baby home with her. He asked us to drive her home and he sent two nurses with us.

When we arrived, two of the people in the neighborhood came running out to see us. They said, “Please take that baby away from her! She has killed several of her children. She is not ‘right in her head,’ and she will kill that baby!”

We called someone from Social Services who said, “Take the baby away from her and leave.” We did. She never came back for little Zachary. He is now in Kindergarten and “smart as a whip!” He is really sweet and spoiled and “loves Mommie Sherry!” I’d say, “He’s just a little spoiled!” Ha!


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