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Zachary… He’s Two – Going on Forty!

Zachary, at the age of two, is just like a “little ole man!” He says he wants to be a pilot! He is in grade two, or Kindergarten. We found him in the arms of his mother when she brought him to our clinic! He was just a couple of months old.

Suddenly, several nurses pulled us to the side to let us know that “they knew his mother very well.“ Several of her children had mysteriously died, and some were missing! She had been deeply involved in Voodoo. Our doctor thought we should take her home to see if there was any danger of this mother wanting to harm the baby.

When we arrived, several neighbors came out to meet us and told us, “Take the baby and go! She has already told everyone that she was going to kill him with a butcher knife!” We called the “child care” department and they said, “Take the baby and leave!” And we did!

Zachary helps us work in the yard, waters the flowers, and helps pick up trash! He loves “Mommie Sherry,” and I guess you can say he’s a “little spoiled!” We all love Zachary!!!


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