Birthing Kits Needed in Haiti

Will you help a mom-to-be in Haiti today? There are thousands of women living in rural parts of Haiti, forced to give birth in a mud hut, with limited supplies. A lack of access to clean supplies may cause death due to unsanitary conditions. In fact, Haiti has the highest maternal mortality rate in the Western hemisphere.

Help us to provide clean birthing kits for women in need today.

Covering everything needed for a safe home birth, Love A Child distributes nearly 200 Birthing Kits each month, lovingly packaged and donated by amazing people like you!

Birthing Kits Needed:

Keep them coming! You or your church group can help by making these Birthing Kits, which should include:

(Please send items inside a pillowcase.)

  • One newborn outfit (a “onesie” and stocking hat)
  • Feminine pads and two receiving blankets
  • Small plastic basin and a bar of soap
  • Single-edged razor blade
  • Two 10” long pieces 1/16” cotton cord
  • Disposable newborn diapers and one cloth diaper
  • Absorbent underpads

Also, if you know of anyone (a hospital, etc.) who would like to donate “hospital gowns” and single white sheets and pillowcases, please have them sent to our office at:

Love A Child
12411 Commerce Lakes Drive
Fort Myers, Florida 33913

(Please mark the boxes: “LAC Birthing Center.”)

To learn more about Love A Child’s new Birthing Center, click here.