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Word from the Mission Field

“When they walk away…”

Have you ever had someone “walk away from you?” Maybe it was a close friend, a loved one, an employee, a husband, a wife, or even a child. The pain can be so great, that it is “heavier than a sack of salt.” You may feel that you cannot even breathe! You are crushed. You begin to blame yourself.

Lot had grown up as a son to Abraham, but one day, Lot walked away and chose another piece of land to dwell on. It must have been very hard on Abraham… Ruth and Orpha were sisters-in-law. They had both married sons of Naomi, but their husbands died. When the famine came to the land of Moab, the mother-in-law, Naomi, knew that her daughters-in-law would leave and find husbands to carry on their name. Ruth clung to her mother-in-law, but Orpha left. It must have been hard on Naomi when her daughter-in-left because that was the last time that she would see her.

In John 6:66, Jesus was preaching to a large group of His disciples. When Jesus began talking about “His heavenly father,” the Bible says, “From that time many of His disciples went back and walked no more with him.” You see, the Lord has felt that same pain. Many of his disciples left! They had seen the miracles of the loaves and fishes. They had seen the blind healed and the lame begin to walk! They had seen a child raised from the dead, but yet, they didn’t want to be “tied down.”

I just really felt in my heart this morning that someone feels that they have been “left behind.” Someone they loved or trusted has walked away. Now you blame yourself, but the Lord does not want you to take on that burden. Give that to “walk away” to Jesus! He knows how to fix the problem, and if He does not, He will give you the grace to say, “It’s in your hands, Lord! You know what is best for me.” Now, you will find someone that the Lord has for you… It is all about “trust.”

Today, for whoever this is, I think the Lord is sending you a hug and telling you, “I’ve got this now. Don’t worry about it anymore.” You didn’t walk away, they did. He loves you and we love you. Sherry

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