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Jesus Healing Center Staff Housing, We’re Making Progress

“Jesus Healing Center Staff Housing, We’re Making Progress”

In the States, doctors, nurses, and staff would not sleep and eat at the hospital where they are working. But, here at Love A Child, things are different. Our doctors, nurses, and staff would have to travel one to two hours by “tap tap” in dangerous areas. Some have been robbed en route.

If they did not stay here during the week, it would be difficult to get them here on time and to perform the important job of taking excellent care of the poor. This is why we had to build the “staff housing; we have a large staff!”

We are working on the roof now, and it’s moving right along. The staff housing is “right next to the clinic,” so everyone will be “right on time.” We wish to thank our partners who have been helping us build this project. We are on the “finish line.”

This staff housing area will also include a dining room…and yes, we feed all our Love A Child staff “three times a day,” for the Jesus Healing Center, the Birthing Center, the Malnutrition Center, mechanics, etc. We believe in “blessing our Haitian staff!” Thank you again for all your help and prayers!!!

Bobby and Sherry


NOTE: We do not have the funds yet, for the furniture (beds, chairs, tables, etc.) so please pray, and if the Lord speaks to your heart, please give.

Thank you so much,

Bobby and Sherry



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