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A Busy Day at the Jesus Healing Center: 1-10-19 3:35 PM

The Jesus Healing Center has grown so much that even with seven to eight doctors; we still have to turn away 150 people or more each day! The little girl is from the village of Lastik. Her name is Manesca Pierre-Louis, and she is eight-years-old. She had a bad fever along with Gastroenteritis, but she received wonderful care. There was also a small boy with a bad head fungus, but these were not the only ones in the ER, there were many more! We are believing God to build a larger Jesus Healing Center next year. We don’t have a dime… but “faith doesn’t know it!” We are thankful to Joyce Meyer MinistriesHand of Hope for sponsoring the monthly operating cost of this clinic that serves the poorest of the poor. Bobby and Sherry

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