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A Gentle Giant

Stanley… When his parents both died, he was raised in a very poor, run-down orphanage in Haiti. We received a call from one of his relatives in the States, and they asked if we could take him into our Love A Child Children’s Home because where he was staying was “not good for him.”  We decided to bring Stanley into our “family!”

The area of Haiti, where he was in that old orphanage, spoke Creole differently from ours. So, when he arrived, to our kids, “he talked funny!” They called him “ki nam.” That basically means, “what’s your name?” When he came to us, he was skinny, hungry, and shy. But he was hungry “all the time.” As you can see, he soon put on weight! Stanley is a “gentle giant.” He is so sweet, so honest, and so respectful. He would do anything he was asked and is very “trustworthy.” He has been attending University INUKA to study civil engineering. He is in his third year now.

When he comes “home” to visit, he is in charge of all the fuel that “goes out.” He keeps track of how many gallons go into weed whackers, lawn mowers, cars, trucks, and heavy-duty equipment. Then, he goes back to college on the weekdays. He loves teasing his sisters, and he loves “soccer!” We are so proud of Stanley, and everyone loves him!


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