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God Uses “Unusual People…”

We can never figure God out. He uses the most unusual people to carry out His will, and other times, He ignores the ones we think are qualified. But would God use someone from the “red-light district” to perform His Will? Of course, He will!

In Joshua Chapter 2, two men were sent from the Israelite tribe to “spy out the land of Jericho.” But they were in deep trouble because these ferocious inhabitants were already on alert that some “spies” had to search out the land… and they wanted them “dead!”

Where does God send the spies? To the “Red Light District” to a harlot’s house by the name of Rahab. Most “churchgoers” would have thrown a fit if they had heard that some of their “church members” had gone to stay at the home of a prostitute. But that’s exactly where God wanted them to go. Rahab, the prostitute, not only prepared lodging, and food for them, but she hid them under them on the rooftop under stalks of flax. She knew the army would come looking for them. After the soldiers were gone, she let them out and down the wall by her “red scarlet cord” (a welcoming symbol to her clients). She made the men of God promise that when Israel came to attack Jericho, they would spare her and her family alive. And they did!

God is God and He uses the most unordinary to do His Will. Many times, He will use someone who doesn’t even go to church, or someone who may not be a Christian. So, in your life, be prepared that God may use someone “you least expect” to be a great blessing to you!

Have a wonderful day.


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