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A “Hallelujah Moment!”

Madamn Kerlande is 35 years old. She lives in a poor village called “Madamn Bauje.” (Sometimes, when a Haitian person does a lot for village people, the people name the village after that person.) The Village of Madamn Bauje is not too far from us.

Madamn Kerlande’s husband, Wilderson, is a motorcycle driver; he has had to raise his price for his customers because fuel is extremely expensive, and many people now cannot afford this method of transportation. (The majority of motorcycle drivers in Haiti are buying their motorcycles on credit, so what little money they make goes to the person or company who owns the motorcycle.)

But Madamn Kerlande always does her share of hard work to earn money. This poor lady cultivates her land, travels many kilometers to her field, and carries water in a bucket for her tiny garden… And she had done all this, even up to the point when she began to have her labor pains! Many times, her husband comes home penniless, and so the whole family goes to sleep hungry. They always hope that “tomorrow will be better.”

Madamn Kerlande has had three pregnancies but lost her second child after one month. Shortly after, she got pregnant again. On her friend’s advice, she came to our Love A Child Birthing Center. After some tests, our doctors found out that she had a serious infection and gave her medication. Unfortunately, later in pregnancy, she began to bleed very badly due to a “special tea” the Haitian ladies drink to “make the baby come out quickly!” This is the most dangerous thing they could do, and they have been warned not to do this, but because they have been raised this way, they still make the “tea,” which often causes death! She was taken care of by our midwives, which are some of the best in Haiti!

But at first, the baby did not cry… after some stimulations by our wonderful midwives, the baby uttered his first cry!!

It was a “Hallelujah Moment!” The baby boy weighed 3.2 kg (about 7 lbs.), and both mother and baby were transferred to a recovery room. Another life was saved! God bless all our partners who pray for us each day that the Lord will give us wisdom, knowledge, and understanding… We love you!!!


P.S. Look at the joy this child has brought to his poor mother.

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