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Ada… She Loves to Cook!!!

Ada was one of three children “dropped off” at Love A Child by their aunt. She told us they were all from Cap Haitian and that their parents drowned in a boat going to the States. But, of course, we have no proof of this. All we know is that we inherited three sweet children… Bianca, Ada, and Raphael. All three are so smart in school! Each of these children are obedient and respectful and we have never had any problems with them.

Ada loves to cook! She is learning all of the Haitian recipes and making some of her own. She just “adores” working in the kitchen. Ada (also called Jessica) just turned 15 years old. She is still thinking about what she wants to be in life. Ada is shy but funny. All of the kids love her! She is easy-going and quiet, unlike most of the rest. Ha!

I have told you before that the orphanage kids give each other nicknames and that sometimes the nickname doesn’t fit the kid… But, oh well, they don’t care and never get offended. Her nickname is “bef” (cow). They never get upset because each one of them has a nickname, but to me, Ada is just plain “sweet!!!” Yes, we love her! We can’t wait to see what direction her life will take!!


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