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“An apple a day…”

In our “Edible Plant Nursery” project, we try to select good plants that are readily adaptable to conditions in Haiti, and that can be grown by any family or village to provide sustainable food and nutrition. We have written about the Soursop (Corossol/Guanabana), Papaya, Mangos, Mulberry, Breadfruit, and bananas in our “Edible Plant Nursery”, but now we are introducing the Jujube Tree.

Local Haitians call it an “apple” tree. Recently, we planted 20 new Jujube fruit trees in our large Verge garden at Love A Child Village, near the Children’s Home. This crisp, nutritious fruit is loved by Haitians for its sweetness and flavors that are like apple, and pear. Wilner had started 100 plants from seeds and most of them germinated and have grown big enough to now be planted in our gardens. The rest of the young seedlings will be given to other families and villages to have a sustainable source of nutritious fruit. These newly planted seedlings will grow to between 15-20 feet and will begin to bear fruit in another 3-4 years.

When you donate to support our Sustainability projects, you are helping Haitians learn to help themselves, giving a gift for generations… “Food for Life.”

Rad Hazelip, Assistant Executive Director

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