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“Our Malnourished Babies are Thriving.”

Due to Haiti’s gangs and lack of security, it is very difficult for poor mothers to try to sell on the street. For many families, the mother is the “breadwinner” because fathers have abandoned their families for a better life in the Dominican Republic.

As a result, we are receiving more babies into our Malnutrition Clinic! It brings tears of joy to our eyes to see these babies who were once “lethargic, weak, and crying who are now laughing, gaining weight, and playing!

We are getting them a surprise next week… a little television so they can watch cartoons!!!

It warms our hearts to see a “twinkle in their eyes” watching cartoons! Thank you, partners, for always helping us with cute clothing, diapers, etc.!!

God bless you,

Bobby and Sherry

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