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Another Warm Story!

Celimene Alexandre and her family live in Larrate, in Petite Riviere de Nippes. They are so happy to be receiving one of six more houses finished this week! Celimene carries a basket on her head from the marketplace with prepared food to sell, to provide for her family. Thank you to all of our friends who helped make this house possible! We love you.

When the awful earthquake hit South Haiti, so many people lost their homes and they lost everything. Our hearts were touched. I signed a contract to build 100 specially built homes for 100 families at $9,000 per Gabion house. The total is $900,000. These are three-bedroom homes with nice front porches. These specially built Gabion houses are built to withstand further earthquakes and storms.

We are lacking the funds for five more Gabion houses… then our goal will be met. We are almost there! Please pray, and help for these last five houses. You may want to help build one whole or more houses. Any amount will go a long way. Every penny counts! Love is something you do!

Missionary Bobby Burnette

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