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Building six Gabion houses per week!

Desmornes Exanord and his family have been living under a tent in an extremely remote area by the name of Koray for over twelve months since the earthquake destroyed their home in 2021.

The greatest Christmas gift ever will be a new house being built by Love A Child; these people are the poorest of the poor living day to day and will be blessed to move into their new home in the next few weeks! As a result of no fuel and the roads being blocked by gangs for September and October, the crews had difficulty getting materials to build, but now with the release of fuel into the country, we have tripled our work crews and are finishing six houses per week!

Our goal was to build 100 houses in South Haiti, where the earthquake caused great destruction. We are only lacking the money for the last three houses!!! By faith…

Each house costs $9,000, with three bedrooms and a front porch.

Love is something you do…

Missionary Bobby Burnette

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