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Anse-a-Veau Prison Feeding 250 Inmates

You saw our post yesterday from the prison taken last week. Look what the Lord did on Sunday at the prison two days ago! Thank you for making a difference!

Bobby Burnette

“Only their bones are showing” were the words describing the 250 prisoners in the Anse-a-Veau jail in the south of Haiti this weekend. Brother Hubert and his Love A Child team worked hard all night to prepare a nutritious meal, including six pots of rice, four pots of black bean sauce, three pots of vegetables, and five gallons of fresh fruit juice.

Several inmates who were too weak to stand or sit were fed the vitamin-rich cooked vegetables and the black bean sauce while holding their heads up. This level of starvation ushering in a spirit of death and despair has never been witnessed or documented in the entire history of Haiti or the entire Western Hemisphere.

Fifteen of these inmates have already died of starvation; if more food is not delivered, prepared, and served to them, more will die. Our hearts are broken, please pray and ask God how you can be a part.

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