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These Pictures Tell the Story:

These pictures just came in from a prison where we have cooked meals before in South Haiti. I won’t mention the name of the prison because so many more are just like this one.

Pregnant women are also there, even giving birth while they are starving to death. Most prisoners have done only small things, like trying to steal rice to eat.

Some may owe $20 to someone and be put in prison. God bless Hubert and our Love A Child team, who work in all these areas in South Haiti. Soon, we will be building a big food distribution center in South Haiti.

God bless Pastor Gregory Dickow and Life Changers International Church who will be sponsoring this project in the same area where the prison is! We have been trying to travel there, but the gangs make it impossible. Thankfully, there are no gangs in this area of Haiti, but the gangs control the entrance many miles before you get there.

We must do something for these prisoners…

Matthew 25:40

Bobby Burnette

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