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What a busy time at our Birthing Center this morning!! Six mothers were giving birth at the same time, and we only had four “birthing rooms!” The lady pictured is a young lady that I had to pick up and drive to the Birthing Center. She was by herself. She was poor, dirty, and very sad. Her baby started to come head first, but she was “face down.” In order to deliver the baby, our midwives had to put her on the floor head down. The baby finally came, but if this lady had to have her baby in the mountains, both she and the baby would have died. God has blessed us with the best midwives (Fanm Saj in Creole) in Haiti. We are in need of “monthly partners” for the Birthing Center, who will give $20 and up monthly. If could help us monthly to save the lives of mothers and babies, we would like to send you our new Birthing Center T-shirts! You can call our office at 239-210-6107 and ask for Catie!

Thank you and may God bless you!

Bobby and Sherry

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