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Baby Finds Healing and Love

Mdm Do’r lives high in the mountains of Peyi Pouri, where we have had many Mobile Clinics. She began to notice that her baby, one-year-old Wanguer began to have a horrible head fungus, scratching and itching his head until it was bleeding. Her baby cried all the time while the infection grew worse. Finally, a neighbor said, “Take her to the Jesus Healing Center.” Mom said, “I have no money.” But her friend said, “You don’t have to have money, just go.”

Somehow, she made it to our clinic, which was packed out, but they took her baby immediately to the wound care area of our ER. Our doctor said the baby had Sakoptosis and Impetigo. The nurses took time to cut his hair and scrubbed his head, and put medicine on it.  Then, mom went to our pharmacy for more medicine. She thanks God for Love A Child and its partners, and special thanks to Joyce Myers  MinistriesHand of Hope for their help to sponsor this clinic each month!

She will bring Wanguer back in two weeks. You would really need to go and see where this mother and baby live and how hard it was for her to get her baby to our clinic; but like the “widow woman,” she touched the “hem” of Jesus’s garment, and He showed her what to do. My eyes fill with tears as I write this little story.



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