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Back to Cooking School

Well, Lomene won’t give up on “Cooking School.” She was happy to get started off to Cooking School this morning. She spends three days at Cooking School and two days leading French. She first told us about her dream of becoming a Chef when she started fixing breakfast for Bobby on Sunday mornings. But, Bobby likes his eggs a certain way, and since Lomene couldn’t pass “eggs,” Bobby didn’t think she could make it in Cooking School. Apparently, some schools are more demanding and require a lot of math, so she didn’t pass that first one. She enrolled in the second one and is doing fine.

We rescued Lomene from being a restavek slave child when she was very young, maybe seven. She had been cleaning, cooking, and taking care of young children for several families. That’s when we said, “This is enough!” She would have never gone to school or had any type of life. Now she is in college! Bobby just can’t wait until “she passes eggs!” Ha! Sherry

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