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In Whom Shall We Trust?

Living here in Haiti during these very, very dangerous times has taught us a great lesson. When we have to get from our house to the Airport, about two hours away with traffic, it is always a “very scary ride!” Once, when we were coming back from the Airport, we were actually in our ambulance, because our driver thought we would be “safer” taking us back to our orphanage via ambulance than a truck.

We got halfway when we realized that the front road had been blocked… we backed up and headed to the left; it was blocked, so our driver turned the other way… and it was blocked. In front of us were large blocks in the road and the “bad guys” had run strips of wire across the road.

“Like Alligators on a Springboard!”
All of a sudden we were surrounded! Since our ambulance windows were covered halfway up, frosted to protect the patients, the gang could not see in… so, they started pounding on the ambulance with rocks! They had knives, machetes, guns… and they were in a “craze!” They shouted, “Bring them out!” They began jumping up and down “like alligators on a springboard” to get a look at us and when they saw we were white, they went crazy. They wanted to kill us!

Then, all of a sudden, one of them looked at us and gave us a “thumbs up” sign, and Bobby instantly gave them a smile and a “thumbs up” sign – and we were off! Our driver drove “right through the wires and the roadblocks,” while we bounced so high we hit our heads on the ceiling! This happened about a year ago, and now things are “even worse in Haiti!” We have no military, and none of the Police will protect us!

But David said, “It is better to trust in the Lord, than to put confidence in man. It is better to put trust in the Lord, than to put confidence in princes.” Psalms 118:8,9

God keeps His “gun” loaded at all times! We have no one to trust in, except the Lord!  –  Sherry

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