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You saw our post from yesterday, and how the diesel tanker truck made it through the Papaya Gang to bring us the diesel fuel. When the driver and his helpers made it here they told us they really didn’t want to come, but because they knew Love A Child needed diesel fuel they came.

I told Sherry, let’s give them a good tip in their hand. Sadly, when they left here yesterday the Papaya Gang kidnapped all three guys including the diesel tanker truck. I do not know if they have been released yet or not. Please pray for them. We are concerned that we will not continue to receive diesel fuel. If not… we will be up the creek without a paddle.

Our pump pumps water 300 feet underground so we can have water. If we have no diesel, we will have no water or electricity. This will be a disaster for our children’s home, clinic, birthing center, malnutrition center… the list goes on.

I found out the fuel company pays the gang to come through Croix-des-Bouquets each time to come here to this area. I’m working trying to find out solar prices for out here. If we do not put all we have into solar, we will face total disaster. We use 95,000 gallons of water a day here to run everything at Love A Child!

Please… we need your prayers. The few missionaries left here need your prayers.

If someone or some country doesn’t stop these gangs who control different sections of the country, the Haitian people will suffer unbelievable pain in their lives. This must stop…

We need your prayers and support more than ever. We are claiming Haiti for Christ!

Missionary Bobby Burnette

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