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“The God of the Second Chance.”

“Howbeit the hair of his head began to grow again after he was shaven.” Judges 16:22

Samson was a great man of God. There is no bodybuilder or man alive who could have done what he did. He killed a lion with his bare hands, slew 1,000 Philistines with the jawbone of an ass; he carried away the doors of the gate of the city on his shoulders; he judged Israel 20 years with his supernatural strength and would have continued, until he disobeyed the Lord in allowing his hair to be cut. The Philistines put out his eyes and made him grind in the prison house and made fun of blind Samson. With no hair, he was now a regular man held captive by his enemies. But, the Bible says, “The hair of his head began to grow,” and with this, his strength began to come back, and then he prayed, “Oh Lord God, remember me.” And, the “God of the Second Chance” brought life and strength back into him! He killed more Philistines in his death than in his life.

Today, no matter what happens in your life, you serve “the God of the Second Chance,” a merciful, forgiving God!


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