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Daniella Update

Daniella is one of our sweetest girls. She is a twin to Daniel. Her mother was ready to go to the Hospital to have her babies, but there was danger in front of the Hospital. Men with guns told her mother to leave. So Daniella’s mother tried to give birth at home to “Triplets.” After she had Daniella and Daniel, she died with the third baby.

Daniella and her brother are always together or holding hands. Both children are shy. Daniella is in Philo, her last year of school. She has a dream of being an eye doctor because her brother has bad eyesight and actually has a medical problem with his eyes.

Daniella is sweet, shy, and kind. She has a “lot” of hair! Her main problem in life is figuring out what to do with it! Daniella is just a little doll! She is smart in school, loves the Lord, and will go far in life.


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