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The Back Side of the Desert…

Have you ever thought about all the trials you have been through and wondered, “Why did the Lord allow that to happen? I go to Church, pay my tithes… I don’t steal or cheat… I love God. Why did that happen to me? I feel that I have been stuck on the back side of the desert.”

Sometimes, the Lord has to get us away from everything before He can speak to us… He made sure He got Moses “on the back side of the desert,” so that He could get Moses’ attention… and then, the Lord could speak to him.

The Lord spoke to Elijah and told him to go and “stand upon the mount before the Lord…” Elijah waited for the Lord to speak. A great and strong wind passed and tore the mountains in two and broke up rocks, but the Lord wasn’t in the wind.

Then, a great earthquake came and the Lord wasn’t in the earthquake. After that… a fire, but the Lord wasn’t in the fire. And after that, “a still small voice.” After the Lord had gotten Elijah’s attention, He spoke in a still small voice.

Sometimes, we miss that still small voice, because we are looking for the earthquake, or the fire, or the strong wind… Wait. It will come in a “still small voice.”

Be sensitive to the voice of the Lord… You can have a great day, even on the back side of the desert.


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