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Dieubon… His Name Means, “God is Good!”

We first met Dieubon when his mother brought him to one of our Mobile Clinics. He had “club-feet.” There was no help for him in Haiti at that time, so our good friend, Dr. Chester, found a surgeon and hospital for him in the states. He and his wife took Dieubon with them and kept him in their home after his surgeries. After he was well, it was determined that he needed an operation for spina bifida. Dr. Chester and his wife, Debbie, took care of him until it was time for him to come back to Haiti. Dieubon was a little behind in school, but nevertheless, he did his best.

He now has a job “painting” with the “Love A Child painting team.” He receives a small salary each month but ends up giving most of it to his mother and father, and family of 6 other siblings. (This is expected in Haiti. When a child finds a home with an American or someone from another country, or if he or she gets a job, a lot of pressure is put on him or her, from their family. Most times, almost all their small paychecks go to their family.)

Dieubon is short, due to his operation, but being “short,” is better than having “club-feet” and not being able to walk. Dieubon is very obedient and does not break any rules. He has a “funny” sense of humor. Bobby always teases him and asks him if he has a girlfriend. That usually sends him hiding!! The kids give each other nicknames but no one gets offended. Dieubon’s nickname is “Haitian Sponge Bob!”

Each child we have raised is important to us. We teach each child that they need Jesus first, and then a college education… but everyone must know the Lord!! We believe all these children will go a long way in life, especially “Haitian Sponge Bob!” We love em’ all!


Note: Our dear friend, Dr. Chester Falterman, went to be with Jesus a few years ago. No one can replace him… We loved him, oh, so much, and miss him.

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