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“What is Faith?” Taps and Knocks!

There have been so many books written about “faith,” and sometimes, in those books, they make it so complicated that you cannot understand. I am a person that likes “simple, uncomplicated things.”

I am reading Acts 3, where Peter and John went into the Temple at the hour of prayer. A lame man has been laying by the Temple, probably most of his life. He had never stood up, never walked…

I cannot imagine what it would be like, to have someone “carry me,” wherever I would go…

But Peter saw him, and the Bible says that “Peter, fastening his eyes upon him with John, “Look on us!”

I believe that when Peter and John looked at this man, at that one moment in eternity, they saw a speck of faith!

“And he, the lame man,” gave heed unto them, “expecting to receive something of them.”

That’s it. That’s all faith is… “expecting to receive something.” When we pray, the simple thing is to “expect to receive something of the Lord.” We live in a large “orphanage,” which we call our Children’s Home. (Our children don’t like the word, “orphanage,” because it is a little degrading… the word “home,” is much better.)

But there are knocks on my door because Bobby and I are on the top floor. The boys are on the bottom. We can tell the knock of Gilbert, one of our workers, from the knock of our kids. They don’t knock hard. They tap!

They tap quietly because they know we are busy… But they always know they will receive what they need… that is why “they knock.” And, if we are in another room, and cannot hear them, they will go to the other door, and tap, (knock quietly). They always know they will receive “something.”

Of course, we know the story of the lame man… Peter grabbed him by the hand and said, “In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk!” Today, when you pray, when you knock on the Lord’s door, whether you tap, or pound, you are “expecting to receive something!” And God is going to do it for you!!!

So, chin up and have a great day!


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