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Dimelia… A Sweetheart!

Dimelia (Dumolia) is a sweetheart! We have lots of young ladies who have grown up in our orphanage and are now married or in college. We first met Dumolia when her father brought her to us from the mountains. She was probably about four and had been badly burned about a year before that. She had fallen into a large hot tub of boiling water. She was sent to a hospital here in Haiti which did not do skin grafts. Therefore, she could not turn her neck or raise her arms above her head. So, we sent her to the Shriners Hospital in Boston. We paid someone to take care of her. She made many trips back and forth to Haiti.

When it came time for college, her French was not good enough for the colleges here, but her English was great! We sent her to Jamaica! She “was” going to go into the medical field but switched to administration! She is good at that!! She is involved in a great church, loves the Lord, and will go “far” in her life!! She is a “sweetie!!”


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