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Moses… A Survivor!

Moses is now 17 and it is a miracle he is alive! Our main Haitian worker is Nelio Barthelemy. He is directly under us, and he is over “everything we do in Haiti!” It was Nelio who first got ahold of us, about a “baby who had been birthed in an outhouse, and left to die!” Apparently, Moses’s mother did not want another child! She went to a Haitian outhouse, to give birth, and let her baby fall into that cesspool of human waste, cockroaches, etc. A sweet older man heard the cry, and with the help of neighbors, they lowered him by rope “down” into the outhouse. He came up with the baby, barely alive.  The ladies of the village cleaned him up and sent him to the children’s hospital. That’s how we got “Moses!”

Moses is a good kid. He wants to learn to drive heavy equipment and is still thinking about his future. He does well in school! He is a “living, breathing miracle!” He is our reminder that Jesus left His home in Glory and came “down” to the filth of humanity to be our Savior!

God will use Moses!


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