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Faith in the Middle of the Fire!

Today, while you are going to church, and enjoying the praise service, the beautiful music, etc., poor Haitians are going to church, too… but, they must go through gang-related areas, and take the chance that they will be kidnapped, robbed, or killed. They have even kidnapped pastors, “while they were preaching”! But, the Christian Haitians are determined! They will sacrifice and go to church, or a crusade, or wherever they can hear the Word of God! They will sing with all their heart and even dance, as they are praising God! Many have been kidnapped and even killed while trying to go to church!

They will put on the best clothes they have and “if” they have a Bible, they carry it proudly! So, today, while you are sitting there in your air-conditioned church, thinking about having dinner and fellowship after, in peace and quiet, remember the poor Haitian Christians, who are risking their lives to do what you are doing, serving the Lord. They cannot experience the joy and tranquility of what you experience in going to your church, so, we should never have any excuse. “In God, I will praise His Word; in God, I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.” Psalm 56:4

Bobby and Sherry Burnette

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