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“Feeding Hungry Children and Families!”

Thank you, partners, for all your sacrifices to help feed hungry children and parents here in Haiti! These precious children had not had a “bowl of food” since the last time we fed them! They all sat quietly, waiting for that food!

We first gave a large box of food to each mother, along with clothing, shoes, toys, etc., inside those red sacks!!! We prepared food for 300 children! We may have to go back and do another feeding in that village!

Due to the gangs taking over the homes of the poor, those “families” have fled to this village and were building “huts,” kay pays. This will put a big stress on the people there who are trying to make a living from the lake.

However, there was joy in the village, and the mothers were so thankful for each box of food, 216 meals!

We just wish “you” could have been there with us! “Blessed is he who considered the poor!” Psalm 41:1

Thank you for every dollar, for every sacrifice to feed the hungry.

Bobby and Sherry

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