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Stanley is Loved!

Stanley… His nickname is “Kinam.” Stanley is now in college studying “electronics” and other subjects. Both parents died and he was taken to a “rundown” orphanage. A relative called and asked if we would take him in because the orphanage was not a good one!

The orphanage Stanley came from was in another area of Haiti. The language was a little different “Creole!” But all the kids loved him!!! When he arrived at our orphanage, he was skinny and frail! But, after love and care, he began to grow, and grow, and grow!! Ha!

Stanley “looks tough,” but he is so sweet! He will do well in electronics! We are so glad we obeyed the Lord, and let him come into our orphanage. He will be graduating from college in a few years! All his “sisters” love him!


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