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“For the Battle is Not Yours…”

Sometimes, when someone wants to help us, we seem to want to say, “I can do it by myself…” But when it comes to battling the attacks of Satan, his strongholds are great. He will do anything to keep you discouraged and to make you doubt the Lord. He pulls out all of his tricks… but if he can make you fear, he has won!

In II Chronicles chapter 20, two great armies are coming against King Jehoshaphat… the army of Moab and the army of Ammon… and others. They are going to “wipe out Judah,” it’s king, and all the people…” they were “outnumbered!”

Have you ever felt “outnumbered?” I have… many times in Haiti! But the Lord spoke to King Jehoshaphat and said, “Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s!” – II Chronicles 20:15

So, Jehoshaphat told his people to begin to praise the Lord, and advance!!! (II Chronicles 20:21) You might know “the rest of the story!” The attackers began to attack each other and when Jehoshaphat came to battle, all they saw were dead bodies on the ground!

Today, the Lord is your defense against the bills you must pay, against cancer, against fear, against anything that is attacking you! Remember, you are on the “winning side!!!” Have a great day, and start thanking God ahead of time!


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