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Fresh Produce from the ATC

Have you ever had a summer vegetable garden? If so, then you know the pride and joy that comes from eating your own fresh, nutritious produce. Products of your own hands. Remember how delicious that was, and how much pride you had in your garden? Now, imagine if you’re a poor Haitian family and you’ve recently “graduated” from one of the Love A Child sustainable gardening classes and your first garden is now providing a bountiful harvest of “your very own vegetables!” What a joy!

When Wilner and his ATC (Agricultural Training Center) staff harvest their produce, they experience the same pride and joy. The orphans and staff, who get to enjoy these vegetables, also have joy and happiness. Look at all of the okra, bananas, corn, and sweet sugarcane that the crew is harvesting from one of the gardens that serves the orphanage and other kitchens at Love A Child Village. Thanks to thoughtful donors who recognize the importance of helping to develop these skills for providing natural, fresh, nutritious foods, the ATC staff is able to harvest something almost every day. Gardening is such a rewarding and easy way to give a better life to the people of Haiti. When you support our sustainability outreaches, you are helping Haitians learn how to help themselves. Rad Hazelip – Assistant Executive Director of Love A Child


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