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Goat Head Soup, Yum!

Everyone has gathered around at our Love A Child Children’s Home, waiting for “supper.” What’s cooking? Today, the specialty is “goat head soup!” Yum!! This is a rare and extremely desired dish by the Haitian people and children!! Every Haitian loves goat! They eat “every part of the goat” and waste nothing.

You can see Jovanie (one of our oldest girls, who just graduated from nursing college and is doing her internship for midwife college) is sitting on the ground, “cleaning those intestines,” yum!!!! But, the specialty will be “goat head soup!” All the Haitians love this soup because the head has all the vitamins and nutrients in it!!! (Some even believe that if they eat this soup, they will become smarter!) When they finish, everything will be “cooking in the pot,” nothing goes to waste; even the goat-hide can be used for many things.

Missionary Sherry Burnette


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