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Word from the Mission Field

“Being led by the spirit, even when it doesn’t make sense…” (You’re not going to believe this!)

Maybe you have never heard of a “devotional” like this, but it happens to us all. Sometimes, when the Lord is leading us to do something, it doesn’t make sense “in the natural.” But to the Lord, it makes perfect sense… and a blessing is always following.

Years ago, we were trying to believe in God for the funds to build one of our schools. We needed $20,000, and it might as well have been “$200,000.” We just could not raise the money. However, some friends of ours decided that we needed a break and offered to pay our way to Switzerland, all expenses paid. We really felt in our hearts that it was not God’s Will, but we did not want to offend them. And besides, “Who gets a paid vacation to Switzerland?” That must be God.

But it wasn’t…

We borrowed winter clothes and got ready to go to the airport. I was so depressed, but I did not want to tell Bobby that I didn’t feel that we should go… and he was thinking the same thing, but he didn’t want to tell me. We sat on the side of the bed thinking, “I don’t feel led to go.” Then Bobby said, “Sherry, I don’t think that we should go.” I agreed! He said, “I think that we need to call our friends and tell them that we cannot go. I will just tell them the truth… that the Lord said not to go.” I know that they must have thought we were crazy, but we made that choice. It was on a Sunday.

Our little Love A Child office was closed, but we said to ourselves, “Let’s go to the office, read some letters, and just hang around.” That didn’t make sense either. While we were there, the phone rang and I picked it up and said, “Love A Child, may I help you?”
The voice said, “Who is this?”
I said, “Sherry Burnette.”
She said, “Both you and Bobby are there?”
“Yes,” I answered.
She said, “I was rollerblading in the park and the Lord said, ‘Call Bobby and Sherry Burnette at their office and tell them you want to give them $20,000 for a need that they have.'”
She continued… “I knew the office was closed on Sunday, so I said, ‘Lord, if you want me to give this money to them, I will know it if they are in the office and answer the phone!'”
She told us to come straight to her house, and we did!!! There she was, in the middle of all her cats (about ten of them) scribbling out a check for $20,000! We took the check, deposited it, and built the school!

The Bible says, “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” (Romans 8:14)

And, oh yes, the lady who was rollerblading in the park was in her 60’s… I would say “that’s another miracle!” Have a great day and always be led by the Lord, “even when it doesn’t make sense!”


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