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Haiti’s Future

These children are the future of Haiti. Love A Child has Christian schools all over Haiti, especially far in the mountains. Children in Haiti who go to school and get an education, especially a Christian education, will go so much further than children in the streets. There are many “gangs” in Haiti doing violence. But unlike in the States, the gangs in Haiti are on the streets because their parents could not afford a good educationso they turn to street violence because they have “no jobs.”

The poor who are fortunate enough to learn things like laying blocks etc. can sometimes find work as they now do at Love A Child, working on our road project or the new Jesus Healing Center. Otherwise, they would be on the street in a gang! Some of the workers have told us, “If it was not for my job at Love A Child, I would be on the streets in a gang, because my parents were poor and could not afford an education.”

Education is soso important to Haitian children. They respect their school, their teachers, and their “uniform!” We always tell our children at our Children’s Home… “You must have two things to survive in Haiti…Jesus and an education!”

We want to thank the Lord, and of course our wonderful partners, for changing lives in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti! Bobby and Sherry

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