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Haiti’s Most Fragile Children

Haiti’s Malnutrition rate is one of the highest. With gangs in the streets, poor mothers, are the ones who are expected to raise a family “and,” put food on the table. Many fathers have abandoned their children to go to the Dominican Republic. Little “Volcy” (baby in white), has been with us for a while. He is over a year old and he was nothing but bones when he arrived.

His weight had gone up and down since he came, but is getting better each day! Mertilus (in the green), is 8 months old. He will be here for a while. Eristin, in the pink, is ready to go home (others have already reached the weight and have gone home). She too, was skin and bones but is recovering quickly!! (One more was sleeping.) There will be more little ones coming in this week.

When poor mothers cannot get to a market to sell, their children go hungry and often die. We are so, so thankful to Joyce Meyer Ministries — Hand of Hope, for sponsoring the building and all the furnishings inside. We feel blessed to have this beautiful Malnutrition Clinic, that is saving lives, every day! God bless our wonderful partners!


P.S. Please, we need clothing for boys and girls, from five years old down. We need diapers, and crib sheets also. If you would like to help, please send items to:

Love A Child
12411 Commerce Lakes Drive
Fort Myers, Florida 33913-8664

Thank you and God bless you!

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