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Healing from the Inside Out…

Our “Jesus Healing Center” does just what it’s supposed to do… “Provide healing from the inside out!”

Each morning starts with prayer, and then, they hold up the “Book of Remembrance” to pray for all who helped sacrifice to build the “Jesus Healing Center!”

They sing, and our Pastor prays with them; then, it’s time to get their vitals. They go back to this beautiful, air-conditioned waiting area where they receive teaching on video from Joyce Meyer. (They also receive Joyce Meyer Ministries Booklets and Bibles!)

The worst cases, they go to their doctor and to Wound Care. We were so blessed to receive a nebulizer from our friend and partner, Dr. Pat, who has been on many Mobile Clinics with us. Thank you so much, Dr. Pat!

There is always a Pastor in Wound Care; we take care of everything from “burns to bullets!”

We love every patient that comes to our Clinic! We are thankful to Joyce Meyer Ministries for their sponsorship of the building of our Jesus Healing Center and their monthly gift that sponsors our Medical Staff and the operating cost of our Jesus Healing Center, and for our friends and partners who help with “special needs” and with prayer.

God bless you; we love you.

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