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Latest Update from the Mission Field

Today we are witnessing a little miracle in the midst of total chaos! This morning we started a fireman training at a safe place across the border in the DR. Thank you, RTS mission, for this beautiful safe location.

Yesterday we got word that on Thursday, they plan to shut the border down because of big trouble along the border in the North. There are big tensions between the two countries right now. The fight is getting serious, but here we are with the Miracle Village Haitian firefighters training alongside the Jimini Dominican Firefighters with an amazing group of firemen from the States. God is good!

Rino Global Solutions put together a special group of firemen from the States for what they call a memorial mission for their friend Jonathan L. Pratt. With the team is the Famous Fireman from the #42 show Survivor Mike Turner. The other two firefighters work with different organizations going all over the world, donating and training firefighters. Jose is part of the 9/11 foundation also.

How fitting that they left the comfort of their homes to come on 9/11 to do this special training! They will be training the men how to use the firetruck donated in memory of Jonathan L. Pratt by Rino Global Solutions. Please keep this mission in your prayers while the tensions between the two countries are on the rise. The best is yet to come!

We will bring you more updates soon!

Bobby Burnette and Farmer John

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