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Is this Pastor Jonas?

Jonas, the little guy in the white suit with the Bible, is happily on his way to church with the children! Who would ever think that just about three months ago, this adorable little boy was a “restavek slave child.” When a child’s parents die in Haiti, normally, the child or children are scattered amongst family members. Children are exploited for sex and also to do hard work in the heat of the sun. These children “never receive” a decent meal each day. They do not go to school and are made to work hard. They are often beaten, shamed, and humiliated. This was the story of Jonas, until one day we met him working hard in the fields, with fear. We said, “He can’t stay here.” We took him home, to our Love A Child Children’s Home.

Jonas is making some progress but it is very difficult for him to learn “school work” at home. His biggest problem is “holding a pencil or a piece of chalk.” He held it like you would hold a “Haitian hoe,” called a “woe.” However, “he can hold a Bible quite well!!” We love Jonas and we know God has a plan for him, Sherry

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